What else to do

Stay one more hour or one more day with us!

Thanks to the new regulation of the temples tickets, you can balance their visits with other activities.
The three-day ticket is valid for three days over a week and the seven days one during one month!
We can personalize your program so that you can mix various entertainments or original visits.
Some of them are already available in our standard programs.

Complete your personal program after having considered the following opportunities, and then let us know your choices :

Have a scenic flight in helicopter over the temples and the Angkor area with
                    HELISTAR CAMBODIA



Take a trip and see how much more there is to Siem Reap than Angkor Wat and the Bayon with
                   QUAD ADVENTURE CAMBODIA



Ride an elephant through the ancient city of Angkor Thom or climb and watch the sun set from Phnom Bakeing with
                    La COMPAGNIE des ELEPHANTS d’ANGKOR



Discover the spices and perfumes manufacturing with the
                    SENTEURS d’ANGKOR WORKSHOP



Learn everything about silk, from the culture of the mulberry tree to the weawing of exceptional pieces with
                   GOLDEN SILK



Taste the delicious khmer meals in SIEM REAP, and attend to the COOKING CLASSES at the
                    TABLES and FLAVORS Restaurants



Learn the traditional dances codes whilst admiring professional dancers for a



Ride a nice horse or take a stroll in a horse cart with
                   The HAPPY RANCH




Learn and make your own Khmer-style pot by yourself with
                    The KHMER CERAMICS CENTRE



Sail from Phnom Penh to Angkor aboard a comfortable traditional ship with
                    La Cie FLUVIALE du MEKONG




Take a rest while watching Angkor’s statues and photos in the new spacious Gallery house of Thierry Diwo

                 Thierry DIWO




First massage school in Siem Reap :

                   BODY and SOUL



Have a nice trip with MERU TOUR !

MERU TOUR: The whole of Cambodia for You… A personalized trip throughout the Khmer Country.