It is advised up to date its vaccinations (in particular tetanus) and recommended to follow an anti-paludic specific treatment which will be prescribed to you by your doctor at least fifteen days before your departure.

Take with you your usual medication in sufficient quantity for your stay, like your case of first aid for the small pains (ocular bulbs, cuts, irritations, etc…) and incidents such as diarrheas, sunstrokes, fever, etc… Your doctor can help you nothing to forget.

The usual rules of food hygiene in tropical country will be observed: not to drink water of the tap, but only mineral water in sealed bottles that one finds everywhere and have meals in restaurants than at the market or at the roads’ edges.


The tropical climate is here marked by two seasons:
– The dry season from November to May, during which the temperature varies 20°C in January up to more than 35°C in April
– The rain season (monsoon) from June to October, however more evident in the south of the country than in north (Angkor)

Thus, the best season to come to Cambodia is between November and May.