This program is based on an early morning arrival at Siem Reap International Airport. It will be adjusted to take into account your final dates and time of arrival / departure.

This much complete program for six days will enable you to visit most of the ANGKOR area’s temples as well as those, still few visited, of KOH KER and BANG MELEA. You will also visit a new silk manufacturing centre, the KBAL SPEAN site with the Thousand Lingas River, the hill of KULEN with its old pagodas and you will have a half day on the great TONLE SAP Lake.

Day 1 : SIEM REAP (Angkor)

Morning: Welcome at the SIEM REAP International Airport and transfer to the hotel.
Departure to the group of ROLOUS temples (15 km in the east of Siem Reap). These three temples, BAKONG (881), PREAH KO (879) and LOLEI (892) were built in HARIHARALAYA, the capital of the Kingdom established there by King Indravarman the 1st and all in solid bricks.

Afternoon: Departure to the PRASAT KRAVANH temple (921). Then, you will visit TA PROHM (1186), still invaded by the jungle, the PRE RUP (961), the last one built in solid bricks, and, finally BANTEAY KDEI (1181) in front of the royal pond of SRAH SRANG.

Evening: Dinner-show at about 7.00 pm in Siem Reap, to watch the traditional Khmer dances, performed by professional dancers.


Morning: Departure for the current religious site of PHNOM KULEN (50 km in the northeast of Siem Reap)
At this place, King Jayavarman II proclaimed the independence of Cambodia out of Java and established the first capital of the Kingdom in 802. You will discover a high forest plateau with water springs and pagodas, including the oldest one (15th century) which shelters an immense sleeping Buddha carved out of the dome top of a huge rock.
Lunch: Boxes-meal (drinks not included) on the outdoor restaurant mats.

Afternoon: On the road back to Siem Reap, you will visit a new silk farm where one hundred young disadvantaged women looks after the silk worms growing, extracts the silk wire from the cocoons and weaves it to manufacture different decorative products and high quality clothes.
At the end of the afternoon, back in town, you will see an interesting district with colonial architecture, which  was built at the end of the 19th century, to go and have some shopping at the Old Market or at the Night Market.

Day 3: SIEM REAP (Angkor)

Morning: Departure to visit the former capital ANGKOR THOM’s monuments.
King JAYAVARMAN VII established his capital here, from 1181 until 1209 when he dies.
You will enter ANGKOR THOM through the SOUTH GATE, and then visit the temples of BAYON (1181), BAPHUON (1060) and PHIMEANAKAS (944). You will walk along the TERRACE of the ELEPHANTS and the one of the LEPROUS KING (both from the end of the 12th century).

Afternoon: The major part of this afternoon will be devoted to the visit of the architectural masterpiece, the ANGKOR VAT great temple, built between 1113 and 1150 by King SURIYAVARMAN II. Then, you will climb up to the PHNOM BAKEING temple (893) to watch the sunset over the jungle.


Morning: Early departure to KOH KER temples site (130 km in the northeast of Siem Reap)
Jayavarman IV, who had usurped the throne from his nephew Harshavarman the 1st, establishes here his capital in 930.
This site includes more than 30 large sacred constructions of the 10th century. They have been only recently made accessible. A runway loop in the jungle lets see the main and varied buildings, including Prasat Thom (the great pyramidal sandstone temple with 40 meters high and 7 stages).
Lunch: during the visit, boxes-meal (drinks not included) in one of the outdoor restaurants in front of the Red Temple.

Afternoon: You will leave Koh Ker site to drive to the BANG MELEA Temple, on halfway to SIEM REAP.
BANG MELEA is one of the mysterious and most spectacular temples of the Angkor area. Erected during the 12th century under the reign of Suryiavarman II (1112) -1152), the builder of Angkor Vat, it is built on the same drawings, but to a smaller scale and on one level only. Its particularity lies in its central tower completely collapsed on itself in a huge cluster of sandstone. Wooden bridges and paths make the visit easy and comfortable, all around the inner part of the temple.
Day 5: SIEM REAP (Angkor)

Morning: Departure to visit the BANTEAY SREI temple (967), at 30 km in the North-East of Siem Reap. BANTEAY SREI was built in pink sandstone and is actually the precious jewel of this area, due to its rich and beautiful carvings.
Continuation towards the site of KBAL SPEAN. At the end of a 1500 meters mountain path, shadowed by the forest, you reach the Thousand Lingas’ River.
It is a particular and ancient worship place, where symbolic sculptures and representations of Brahmanic divinities of the 10th century cover the banks and the mineral river’s bed.

Afternoon: On the way back towards Siem Reap, you will visit three temples: EASTERN MEBON (952), the very particular NEAK PEAN (1200) built by King Jayavarman VII as a hospital where sickness were cured with medicinal plants and, finally, the large PREAH KHAN (1191).

Day 6: SIEM REAP (TONLE SAP Lake and the city)

Morning: Early departure towards the harbor of CHONG KNEAS for a boat trip on the TONLE SAP Large Lake up to the fishermen village of KOMPONG PHLUK. This moment will allow you becoming aware of the precariousness of the life of the fishermen living in floating villages or in on-pole houses. Very particular colors and water glints will enable you to keep original photographic memories from this trip.

Afternoon: According to the boarding time, you should visit :
– the ANGKOR NATIONAL MUSEUM. Inaugurated at the end of 2007’ within a very successful framework, it presents a large and very interesting synthesis of the visits you have made during your stay.
– the ANGKOR CRAFTSMEN WORKSHOPS SCHOOL (ARTISANS D’ANGKOR) where underprivileged young Khmers are learning various artisanal techniques.
– the SENTEURS D’ANGKOR workshop, where one will show you the manufacturing of candles, soaps and other creams, and the treatment of spices such as pepper, chili and curry. You will also learn how to identify different exotic plants and flowers by their perfume. Before leaving, you could buy some memories, very beautifully presented in gift packages, plaited with colored palm leaves.
Transfer to the SIEM REAP International Airport.

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