This program is based on an arrival early in the morning to Siemreap International Airport. It will be adjusted to take account of your last date and time of arrival / departure. This five-day stay will give you the big moment na when looking at every detail sculpture that draws your eyes and learn more about the history of the Khmer and traditions when you listen to your Guide.

Days 1 : SIEM REAP (Angkor)

Morning: Reception at the airport of SIEM REAP International and transfer to your hotel. Departure for the Group of ROLOUS temples (at 15 km east of Siem Reap). These three temples, BAKONG (881), PREAH KO (879) and the LOLEI (892) were built in HARIHARALAYA, the capital of the Kingdom established by King Indravarman 1 all built full brick.

Afternoon: Visiting the temple of PRASAT KRAVANH (921), which has been the subject of the first experience of brick temple built a complete renovation, in 1968. You then go and see the PRE RUP (961), the last being built full brick and, finally, the Eastern MEBON (952). When return to Siem Reap, you visit the school for craftsmen of ANGKOR (CRAFTSMEN of Angkor) where disadvantaged young Khmer learn different crafts.

Days 2 : SIEM REAP (Angkor)

Morning: Departure for the visit of the former capital ANGKOR THOM’ monuments. King JAYAVARMAN VII here established his capital from 1181 until 1209 when he dies. You enter ANGKOR THOM the South Gate and then visit BAYON temples (1181), BAPHUON (1060) and Centre (944). You will walk along the terrace of the ELEPHANTS and the leper King (both the end of the 12th century).

Afternoon: The greater part of the afternoon will be devoted to the visit of the architectural masterpiece, the great temple of ANGKOR Wat, built between 1113 and 1150 by King SURIYAVARMAN II. Then you climb the temple-mountain of PHNOM BAKEING (893) admire the sunset over the jungle.

Days 3 : SIEM REAP (Angkor)

Morning: Departure for the visit of the BANTEAY SREI temple (967), 30 km to the northeast of Siem Reap. BANTEAY SREI is built in pink sandstone and is actually the precious jewel of this region, because of its rich and beautiful sculptures. Continuation towards the site of KBAL SPEAN. At the end of a mountain path of 1500 meters, with a shadow of the forest, you reach River of a thousand lingas. It is a special and ancient cult place, where the symbolic sculptures and depictions of Brahmanical deities of the tenth century cover the banks and bed of the mineral River.
Afternoon: on the way back to Siem Reap, you will visit three quite different temples: BANTEAY SAMRE (1150) with warm colours of the walls, TA SOM (1188) with a giant fig tree all around and above the door of the East and NEAK PEAN (1200) built p Ar King Jayavarman VII as a wh era disease hospital were cured with medicinal plants.

Days 4 : SIEM REAP (Angkor) 

Morning: Today also, very different temples with the great PREAH KHAN (1191), the small THOMMANON (1150), the unfinished your KEO (975), one built of sandstone, but not decorated, and the CHAU say THEVODA (1150), as a copy of the Thommanon, just on the other side of the Road and currently under a very interesting renovation. Afternoon: visiting two great temples: TA PROHM (1186) always overrun by the jungle and BANTEAY KDEI (1181), in front of the royal pond of SYRAH SRANG. Back to Siem Reap, you will discover the present pagoda of WAT BO, with its small museum and school of the monk and then cross the old colonial

district (end of XIX century) to have some shopping at the Old Market or at the Night Market (opening at 6 pm).

Day 5: SIEM REAP (Lake Tonle Sap and the city)

Morning: Departure towards the port of CHONG KNEAS to a boat trip on the TONLE SAP Lake. This time will allow you to become aware of the precariousness of life of fishermen living in villages or on stilts. Very specific colors and reflections of the water will allow you to keep an original photographic memory of this trip. When return to Siem Reap, you visit the new Museum NATIONAL of ANGKOR. Inaugurated at the end of 2007″in a very successful framework, he presents a synthesis of important and very interesting visits you did during your stay.

Afternoon: Depending on the time of boarding, you should visit:-l’ workshop of the SCENTS of ANGKOR, where we’ll show you the manufacture of candles, soaps, and other creams and the treatment of spices as pepper, chilli and curry. You will also learn how to identify different exotic plants by their scent and flowers. Before you leave, you could buy some souvenirs, beautifully presented gift boxes, woven with colorful palm leaves.

Transfer to the SIEM REAP International Airport. Come and spend a pleasant stay with MERU TOUR!