You will now book your next stay in Cambodia and we thank you for having chosen MERU TOUR for this discovery.
Before further reading, you will know that all that is rare is not as cheap as some ones would like to let you know by not updated or incomplete advertisements, or sometimes also, by random local operating conditions.
Our beautiful but small country is neither protected against the effects of the international crisis and its inflation is significant since 2007, in spite of the strong relation between its currency and the US dollar.

Also would we first like to explain to you our ethics and quality objectives:
– MERU TOUR is a Company under Cambodian’s right, registered with the recordings, authorizations and insurances necessary to the exercise of its activity.
– MERU TOUR is ensured of the co-operation of many hotels of various categories in the city-stages of the circuits it proposes, to answer the different comfort desires of its Customers.
 MERU TOUR entrusts its Customers only to graduate and tested guides speaking various western languages. These guides are in a certain way the elite of their corporation by their competences and their small number, compared with the very important manpower of the Chinese-speaking, Korean-speaking or Japanese-speaking guides registered in Cambodia.
– MERU TOUR also selects its drivers and their vehicles on fundamental criteria of safety such as the subscription of a passengers’ insurance, the driving experience and prudence, as well as on criteria of maintenance, comfort and cleanliness of their vehicles.
– MERU TOUR does not organize any tour or stay during the strong rains season, from June to September included.

Taking into account those aims as well as of the constant increase of the foreign visitors to Cambodia, in particular on the Angkor sites, we highly advise you to envisage your voyage at least three months in advance.

Lastly, you will know that some festivals, such as the Water Festival (first full moon of November), the period from Christmas to the New Year’s Day and the Khmer New Year (from the 13th to the 15th of April) are considered by the hotels as a “peak period” and can give place, on behalf of some of them, for an additional charge, as well as for an important risk of unavailability in the event of late booking.

This time of preparation that we will agree together, will enable us to ensure you of the best availability of the hotels as well as of the best quality of service from our other services providers.

Prices are in US dollars, VAT 10% included, for one person and on the basis of double room occupancy with breakfast included.
They are indicative – based on the prevailing economic conditions during the on-line setting – for a stay completed before the 31st of May and may vary according to the economic conditions into force, the exchange rates and the rules of the government taxes at the date of the written confirmation by MERU TOUR.

These prices do not include the round trip air transport between the country of origin and Cambodia.

The price list below is valid for a trip completed between the 1st of OCTOBER 2014 till the 31st of MAY 2015

To get an idea of our prices in Euros, you can DIVIDE them by the US dollar value which appears on the right (updating once a day)


Prices VAT included
per pax in US Dollars
Hotel 2 3 to 5 6 to 8 Supp for
categories pax pax pax individual room
Angkor 3 days 2 nights **
Angkor 4 days 3 nights **
Angkor 5 days 4 nights **
Angkor 6 days 5 nights **

For a stay in luxury boutique hotels in Siem Reap Angkor, please contact us.

In order to improve your knowledge of Cambodia, you may add one of the extensions below to the stay that you have chosen for your visit of ANGKOR:

Prices VAT included
in USD per pax
Hotel 2 3 to 5 6 to 8 Individual
categoty pax pax pax room
(3 days & 3 nights) (*)
EXTENSION : Cambodia from North to South
(8 days & 8 nights) (*)
EXTENSION : Short trip in Cambodia
(10 days & 10 nights) (*)
(8 days & 8 nights)
(*) (**)
Nb  of pax 2 3 to 4 5 to 6 Indiv room
The Grand Tour of Cambodia
(16 days & 16 nights)
(*) (**)
Nb of pax 2 3 to 4 5 to 6 Indiv room
New 2015: 15 Days
South Cambodia: Sun and Sea
Nb of pax 2 3 à 4 5 à 6 Indiv room
(*) All the 4* extensions’ prices take into account that only the hotels in Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville will be 4*

(**) For lodging capacities and track conditions in Ratanakiri, the number of travellers is limited at 6 for both of these extensions (Ratanakiri and Grand Tour)
We could however quote these extensions for a larger number of travellers, with two minibus in Ratanakiri, for travellers booking and confirming their trip at least three month in advance.
Due to the bad tracks’ conditions in Ratanakiri, these extensions are only available during the dry season : from November to April included 

Comme d’habitude, des groupes de trois, cinq ou sept voyageurs entraînent le paiement d’une taxe individuelle par chambre [/ vc_column_text] [/ vc_column] [/ vc_row]

Pour effectuer une réservation:

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Our price confirmation and the detailed description of your voyage will reach you by email within eight days after the reception of your booking.
Your reservation will be effective with the reception by our Bank of the first 30% of the total price, as indicated into the General Selling Conditions that you declare to have red and accepted in their entirety.
I ask for a personalized stay offer and I specify my particular demands with the message below:

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