Passport and Visa :

Your passport must be valid at least six months after the date of return. The visa of tourism is delivered for a stay of one month by the Cambodian Embassy in your country.

Local time:

The local time is GMT +  7 hours.


The official currency is the Riel. The US Dollar is the usual complementary currency.
The exchange rate is roughly 1 US Dollar = 4.000 Riels = a little less than 1 €.

International credit cards and travelers’ cheques are not often accepted, except in the luxury hotels of Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville. However, the money distributors are now available in the principal cities of the country. You will be able to withdraw money (Riel and USD) with your international credit card, under an exchange commission deducted from your account.

The Euro banknotes are exchangeable in the banks only. It is thus advised to get US dollars before leaving, of which some small cuts for the first expenses. The large amount banknotes must be of perfect looking to be accepted by banks for exchange.


Country voltage is 220 volts and frequency is 50 Hz. The plugs are generally compatible with the western devices, but an adaptor may be useful for US or British Standards devices.


The hand phone is well doing almost everywhere in the country.
To call Cambodia from abroad: +855 / prefix of the city or of the hand phone (without the 0) / call number
To call abroad from Cambodia: as usual from everywhere.

The Internet shops are everywhere and everyday open. They are cheap, with satisfactory connections, but with low flow.


The Temples and other archeological sites are to be exclusively visited with an Official Guide of the Angkor Area and after the payment of the pass price, which depends upon the envisaged number of visiting days. This pass will be checked when entering each site or monument : keep it always with you, or ask your Guide to keep it for you.

One will respect these still present worship places, as well as the Khmer decency, by wearing long clothes, also suitable to a good protection against the heats of the sun. Closed and comfortables walking shoes are also recommended.

The small banknotes of the local currency (Riel) will enable you to relieve the existence of some groups of musicians, generally victims of the mines, which one will meet on the temples’ paths.

However, the Khmer dignity avoids the proliferation of the begging, whose travelers are sometimes attacked in other countries.
For memory: 1 US Dollar = 4.000 Riels = a little less than one Euro, and 500 Riels are only 10 cents of Euro.


Cambodia does not present any particular risk for the traveler responsible of its own safety: photocopies of the passport and visa, cash distributed in different clothes, hand bags closed and held firmly, even in the “tuk-tuks”, aso…

The places of interest are all cleared of mines and made safe by the police force. However, during the visit of certain sites, far away from the great centers, it is recommended not to leave the paths that your guide knows perfectly.

Advices that your guide will give you in this field will actually be “friendly advises” which should be followed with high attention.


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