MERU TOUR was set up by a French-Cambodian couple knowing the Cambodian history, Khmer temples and the various touristic opportunities of the country on one hand, and, on another hand, the experience of the Customer’s satisfaction as well as up to date management and communication methods.

SOCHENDA always lived in Siem Reap where she was born.
Educated in a French-speaking teacher’s family, she was a professor of biology, for French-Khmer bilingual classes, at the Angkor College in Siem Reap.
At the end of the years 1990, with the development of tourism, she follows the courses of the Guides School and obtains the diploma of French-speaking Official Guide in Cambodia. Since then, she acquires interesting contacts with the hotels management, as well as with the drivers and the other guides. She is now able to find the safe and reliable solutions for the trips and stays of the MERU TOUR’s Customers.

JEAN-GEORGES is French of Swiss origin.
Engineer and manager, he developed the exports of electrical products’ manufacturers, especially in Southeast Asia. Then he managed several French commercial subsidiaries of the world leader in electric materials professional distribution. Attracted by Asia since his first professional and touristic travels, more than thirty years ago, he lives now in Cambodia. He discovered the architectural treasures and the culture of this country with amazement. But he also discovered there the great destitution of a martyrized and dehumanized population during the dark period of the Khmer Rouges.

By setting up MERU TOUR, Sochenda and Jean-Georges wished to help underprivileged or mutilated Khmer children to find a worthy place among a fast evolving society. To reach this aim, they hope to share their emotions with the greatest possible number of tourists.

Why this name of MERU TOUR ?

There are two mounts MERU in the world : one located in the north of Tanzania, close to Kilimanjaro, and the other one, named KAILASH (MERU, in Sanskrit), which culminates with 6174 meters on the top of the Tibetan plate and whose each Hindouist vows to walk around five times once in his life.

We want to refer to mythical Mont MERU, which is the residence of the thirty three gods of the Hindouist religion, directed by INDRA.  It is represented by the five towers or “prasat” which crown the highest level of all the Khmer temples built under the prevalence of this religion. At the time of certain current religious festivals, it is presently reproduced by five sand cones.

We also chose this symbol for MERU TOUR as an obligation of quality of service with respect to the Customers we welcome in these temples:

– MERU TOUR is a Company under Cambodian’s right, registered with the recordings, authorizations and insurances necessary to the exercise of its activity.
– MERU TOUR is ensured of the co-operation of many hotels of various categories in the stopover’s cities of the circuits it proposes, to answer the different comfort desires of its Customers.
– MERU TOUR entrusts its Customers only to graduate and tested guides speaking various western languages. These guides are in a certain way the elite of their corporation by their competences and their small number, compared with the very important manpower of the Chinese-speaking, Korean-speaking or Japanese-speaking guides registered in Cambodia.
– MERU TOUR also selects its drivers and their vehicles on fundamental criteria of safety such as the subscription of a passengers’ insurance, the driving experience and prudence, as well as on criteria of maintenance, comfort and cleanliness of their vehicles.

 MERU TOUR does not organize any tour or stay during the strong rains season, from June to September included.

MERU TOUR : The whole of Cambodia for You… A personalized trip throughout the Khmer Country.

Sochenda and Jean-Georges

MERU TOUR Register of Commerce

MERU TOUR Tourism License